How To Get Ttwitter Followers - How To Get Ttwitter Followers

8 Easy Ways To Get Massive Twitter Followers

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Everyone wants to have a massive Twitter following but unless you’re some big shot movie star, musician or other celebrity, it’s going to take some time and effort to increase your Twitter followers. Is there a secret to Twitter success? Definitely! You need to make your Twitter account your primary prerogative for the next few months. Treat it like an obsession. This article will offer you some insight on how to get Twitter followers.

It’s obvious (and backed by actual research) those who tweet the most, will have the most followers. For example..someone with more than 10,000 tweets can have as many as 5000 followers while someone who only tweets an average of 1000 times will most  likely only have around 100 followers.

Eventually, tweeting in increased increments will pay off and will also enhance your tweeting skills. You will become accustomed to the idiosyncrasy and particulars of Twitter (ie: retweets, hashtags, etc) and will learn how to post tweets that will not only attract followers, but engage them as well.

Small business owners can use Twitter to draw in new clients. According to a recent study, users are more likely to purchase items from Twitter accounts that they follow on a regular basis, by a margin of 64%. according to KISSmetrics, a company that performs such analogies.

Here are a few hints to help you quickly increase your initial  Twitter following:

  1. Use your email and LinkedIn contacts: It’s much easier to get someone to follow you on Twitter if you have a previous connection.

There is no way at this time to connect your LinkedIn accounts via your twitter account, but we have found a simple way to get around this! Simply go to your contacts page on your LinkedIn account, select “settings” and then it will give you the option to export your contacts via a .CSV file. This can then be uploaded to your contacts on your email account. Then you can import these contacts to your Twitter account. From there you can chose which of your LinkedIn contacts you wish to follow!

  1. Take advantage of time saving tools to help time your tweets: There are extremely affordable tools and even some free ones, like Hootsuite, that will actually enable you to prepare you tweets in advance and then schedule them in order to maintain a steady flow, saving you a great deal of time. Twitter users who tend to post on a consistent basis will ultimately have more follows and receive more feedback.
  2. Participate in a Twitter chat: There are weekly group chats on Twitter where various groups join together to discuss a variety of topics. If you actively take part in these chats, you will get to network with those with similar interests. You can even establish yourself as an expert in your field or simply gain insight and powerful connections. Examples of chats that are worth checking out include: #blogchat, #tchat, #mediachat, #custserv and #HRBchat.
  3. Multitask: We all have a at least a few moments of free time during our day. If you travel to work via public transit, you can use this time to post your tweets. Or you can tweet while on the treadmill at the gym, or while watching tv…or while waiting in line at the bank..or the waiting room at the doctor’s office!
  4. Actively engage with those with similar interests and tweets: Every time you comment, retweet or “favorite” a post on Twitter, you should consider following those Twitter users with similar interests. They will be more likely to become your follower if they notice that there are similarities.
  5. Tweet quotes that inspire you: Quotes seem to draw a huge following on Twitter. People get a kick out of them and tend to share them on their own account. By utilizing free apps such as Forismatic, you can receive a vast selection of motivational and inspiring quotes that you can share on your Twitter account. These will save you time and energy, while also increasing your Twitter activity.
  6. Start following those that follow your followers: There are tools available, such as Tweepi, at little to no cost, that will automatically scan the list of accounts that follow your Twitter follower. You can consider following them as they most likely share interests similar to yours.
  7. Take advantage of the Twitter recommendations: Twitter has a #Discover section in which they give their recommendation of which accounts are the best to follow.

Have you used any of these methods? or others? Which do you recommend? Please give us your feedback below!